Favourite Albums of 2015 (#25 to #23)

I’ve been posting my favourite albums of the year for two years now on Instagram, primarily as a way to reminisce, but also (hopefully) to get my friends to listen to some great music. This was pretty much the only way I shared my music with people; so I thought it’d also be the ideal start to my blog, which is wholly about the music I enjoy.  So here we go.


#25. Mutant – Arca


Arca’s Mutant is the most eccentric, twisted album that I enjoyed this year. The repulsive cover art probably cued you to its contents; Mutant is unapologetically harsh and difficult to listen to. But its true appeal lies in its ability to reconcile this aggressiveness with some incredibly gorgeous, operatic sounds. Mutant is a medium for the gifted producer to revel in the idea that it escapes comprehension, demands that you give it a listen, and reinforces the absurdity of life as he sees it.

Listen to: Vanity, Alive


#24. DS2 – Future


Everyone knows exactly what to expect from Future: lean-saturated, warbly melodies floating on bass-heavy beats. But the music is so goddamn fun. Whether he’s insisting you ‘fuck up some commas’ or detailing hes sexual escapades in Gucci flip-flops, Future Hendrix keeps dropping the quotables. And yet, Future’s fascinating brand of sharp honesty prevents the music from crossing into the territory of inane droll. The codeine haze may or may not murky the depths of DS2, but the music is simply too exuberant for you to care.

Listen to: Stick TalkWhere Ya At

#24. The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us – Beach Slang


To anyone who complains that punk is lost today, listen to this album.  The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us is filled with the same aggressiveness that made 90s punk the phenomenon it was, but is tempered by the middle-age wisdom of singer-songwriter James Alex, and is driven by glimmers of hope. Driven by unrelenting guitar and searing vocals, this album is lean(9/10 songs clock in under 3 minutes) and mean. This LP is as much a statement of brutally honest introspection as a piece of music. What the listener gets, then, is loud, guttural music, built on emotions to match.

Listen: Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas, I Break Guitars 

(I’ll be posting about 3 albums per day, till I get to #1. Stick around)

Favourite Albums of 2015 (#25 to #23)

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