The listener is not a fixed entity. Our specific preferences in music are often arbitrary, and what constitutes ‘good’ music is almost entirely subjective. We experience music in extremely personal ways, and the stories attached to our music can rarely be unraveled by anyone else. Our lives – the ups, the downs, and the strangely wonderful everyday – have been soundtracked by our choices in music. The musicians, then, who have given their own lives, their sound, to us are no less than messianic.

This blog – The Listener’s Room – is a space for me, a listener -one among millions – to share the music that matters to me. The previous name was far too pretentious for what I want to do here, and I did not commit to it. But there’s so much music has given me, and it’s only fair I pay some of it forward.

I see this as a fresh start. A remaster. One that reiterates how much I value the music in my life, and declaring that it’s not an insular experience any more.


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